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Upgrade your Waiting Room.

Get a Large Digital TV in your Waiting Room to Modernise, Enhance and Transform your Patient's Experience.

Manage your TV's content with our Exclusive Content Management System: Screen Star.

Educate Patients.

Share Covid-19 Information.

Expanding Library.

In addition to your own content, you can quickly add images and videos directly to your screen through our Media Library. With content provided by leading national organisations, Screen Star provides the perfect opportunity for Health Promotion.

Choose from over 1000+ images and videos in-app.

Embed videos directly from YouTube® by simply copying and pasting the link into your media queue.

Cut the length of the video by defining its length in app.

Embed videos directly from Vimeo® by pasting the URL into your media queue.

Public Health England (PHE) has created hundreds of posters and videos to highlight areas of health promotion. From Flu Jabs to smoking cessation, you can tailor your playlist to maximise patient education and awareness.

NHS Choices has many videos centred around patient education, illustrating key aspects of health care and health services.

Our library is being constantly updated to list the most popular and useful videos for your Practice.

We have gained permission to list high quality patient educational videos created by the British Heart Foundation with the aim of improving Cardiovascular health awareness and modifiable risk factors.

NHS Blood and Transplant have a useful library aimed at highlighting the importance of donating blood

With 1 in 4 adults affected by Mental Health Disorders, Mind is a UK based charity with a mission to better educate and provide resources to help.

Arthritis UK is a leading UK charity aiming to inform and support the public with regards to joint conditions.

The only Noticeboard you Need.

Display Images, Videos, TV and Radio

Screen Star puts you in control of your Waiting Room TV. Reach out to any demographic with our Translation Features.


Overlay your media with your branding, news and more

Screen Star puts you in control of your Waiting Room TV. Not only can you control the content on screen, you can also add in additional widgets to customize the layout, look and feel of your Screen:

Your Branding
Easily place your logo over content to establish your brand. If you own a group of Practice's, this can also be displayed.
Live Announcements
Add, edit and remove announcements as and when required using your smart phone or PC to notify Patients instantly.
Place a calendar and clock on your screen to orientate your patients.
News Feeds
Screen Star Supports live NHS and BBC News, as well as custom News posted by your team.
News can also be displayed as a scrolling ticker and updated automatically through the app.
Text Boxes
Post Important Messages on top of or instead of images/videos to Patients easily.

Cost Effective.

Save Money. Don't overpay for Essential Tech

Our competitors can charge £3000+ for a Television screen and with second-rate support. Screen Star aims to disrupt the status quo and provide you with a Solution that just works. Developed Directly by Doctors, we can offer Televisions, Audio and Visual Equipment and access to our Apps at fair prices.

Received a quote from a competitor? We'll beat it by at least 1/3

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Contact Us

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